Laura Hodgkinson

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10x Genomics

Senior Global Travel Program Manager

Pleasanton, CA
27 years of Experience
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10x Genomics

Senior Global Travel Program Manager

2 Years 3 Months

Sep ‘21 - Now

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4 Years 3 Months

Jul ‘15 - Aug ‘19


Sr. Global Travel Strategy Leader

Apr ‘16 - Aug ‘19


Procurement Partner

Jul ‘15 - Mar ‘16

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The Wharton School


Global Leadership - GBTA Travel Program

2 Years 1 Month

Jan ‘08 - Dec ‘09

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Global Travel - Supplier Management

8 Years 5 Months

Mar ‘07 - Jul ‘15

Schlumberger Technologies & Credence Systems logo

Schlumberger Technologies & Credence Systems

Global Travel Manager

8 Years 1 Month

Jan ‘99 - Jan ‘07

CWT and Casto Travel logo

CWT and Casto Travel

Global Account Manager

5 Years 1 Month

Jan ‘94 - Jan ‘99

Top Questions about Laura Hodgkinson

Where does Laura Hodgkinson work?

Laura Hodgkinson works at 10x Genomics.

What is Laura Hodgkinson job title?

Laura Hodgkinson's title at 10x Genomics is Senior Global Travel Program Manager.

Where did Laura Hodgkinson go to school?

Laura Hodgkinson graduated from The Wharton School in 2010 with the degree of MBA.

Does Laura Hodgkinson have any advanced degrees?

Laura Hodgkinson graduated and from The Wharton School with the degree of MBA.

Where is Laura Hodgkinson located?

Laura Hodgkinson is currently located in Pleasanton, CA.

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